Commercial Finance Loan

Commercial Finance Loan


Asset Based Lending

Asset based lending is a short term method for acquiring cash. Typically, these loans are tied to inventory, accounts receivable, machinery and equipment real estate. Unlocking capital trapped in assets to help you build your business. 

How can you use commercial finance?

Whilst expansion is probably the most common reason for applying for a loan, there’s a few other ways your business can use commercial finance.

It can offer you a way to:

  • renovate your business space or buying into a new location
  • buy equipment to increase your business profits
  • build your working capital
  • build up your stock or
  • restructure your business.


Popular commercial finance options include 

invoice factoring & discounting and 

commercial mortgages

Lenders for Growth can ONLY help you with

commercial mortgages

If you want to buy a commercial property or re-finance your existing loan, Lenders for Growth made it easy for you to do business..We are able to facilitate finance for retail, office, industrial, shopping centers, and  residential. 4+units


Looking for that commercial loan?

Rosmount Capital Funding Inc. is Financial Services Commission of Ontario registered (FSCO#12397) private lender & administrator of loans & mortgages. Lenders for Growth Inc. (FSCO#12368) is our Mortgage Originator. We do in-house financing for most of our clients – those that meet our criteria.

Loan Amounts: $50,000 to max. $3 million

Location: We cater to only request for loans from GTA Toronto area.

However, for loans above $ 3 million and /or outside GTA Toronto –Lenders for Growth with its strong association with other commercial lenders and private commercial funder’s, will source and co-broker the best finance for your particular situation in case we are not able to handle your loan request.

We love to look at any of the below projects.

  • Commercial Shopping Centre Finance
  • Commercial Office Block Finance
  • Commercial NO DOC Finance
  • Commercial Private Finance
  • Commercial Industrial Finance
  • Commercial Retail Finance


Why use Lenders for Growth for your Commercial Loans!

The answer to raising these loans for specialized properties is knowing how to submit the opportunity and negotiate the best rate with the right commercial financier. Be it that we (Lenders for Growth) are your lenders or our affiliate partners.

lp_wel_arrow  Lenders for Growth is a specialist commercial lender (our own in-house funds) or as a brokering facilitator with our affiliate partners. This diverse connection with our partner lenders allows us to provide innovative financial solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

lp_wel_arrow  Lenders for Growth provides you the complete, efficient and direct link to a large range of Canada’s leading Low Doc & No Doc residential /commercial bankers  and commercial private mortgage lenders. As such you the borrower benefit. What we can’t do – we will get it for you from other.

lp_wel_arrow   Lenders for Growth has  has a wide ranges of commercial lending solutions available to help fund commercial property purchases.

lp_wel_arrow   Our clients  range from individuals and family trusts, to shopping center developers and property investment companies.

lp_wel_arrow   Commercial property investors rely on Lenders for Growth to work with them and facilitate commercial mortgages at the best funding rates.

Contact us today for the best commercial finance products available from our large panel of major banks and a broad range of other institutional and private commercial lenders.

CALL : Hannif Highclass @ 416.444.4252

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Commercial Loans options to help you save

Fee Consultation

If you’re looking for a better deal for your investment property or business loan, consider talking to Lenders for Growth. We’ll take the time to understand your financial needs and take you through your options. Whether you require a simple loan or a more complex investment /business loan that lets you take advantage of additional investment opportunities, we can help.


LENDERS FOR GROWTH LTD  [LFG]:   (FSCO#12368) a Toronto based mortgage brokerage company doing conventional bank approved mortgages & bank alternative financing aka. private lenders.

ROSMOUNT CAPITAL FUNDING INC  [RCF]:   (FSCO#12397) a private lender. Specializing in commercial financing loan, construction loans, 1st /2nd home equity bad credit financing, short term bridge loans.


Whatever the plan, commercial mortgages do offer some important advantages over rental of property or land. However, before you take this big step consider carefully the advantages and disadvantages of these loans.

Advantages of commercial mortgages:

  • you can keep ownership of your business and your business premises. Other investment options might involve you giving up some of your business ownership
  • you can make substantial capital gain. This can be a great way of realising capital growth over a long period
  • commercial mortgages are not subject to rental fluctuations of residential properties giving you a more stable business planning environment
  • with typically lower interest rates than other unsecured loans/overdrafts, they offer lower monthly costs. Plus they can be fixed which can help you more accurately manage and forecast your finance
  • tax deductible interest payments. Commercial mortgage interest payments are tax deductible. This can contribute to reducing your business’ annual tax overheads
  • improved cash flow management. Commercial mortgage payment plans normally extend for a number of years letting a business focus on profit and loss and cash flow matters and
  • providing the lender agrees, you can sub-let some of your business premises.

Disadvantages of commercial mortgages:

  • you need a decent sized deposit. This represents money which could be used in other business operations
  • it can be harder to move your business if you own the premises. With property rental, you can often negotiate ending your rent agreement or find another business to take up your tenancy
  • if you have a variable rate mortgage, you can leave yourself vulnerable to interest rate increases
  • you’re responsible for your property including maintenance, insurance and security
  • if you lose value on the property, this will reduce your capital.

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Please go to YOUR Mortgage Broker if you qualify for Bank Loans!
Come to us ONLY if you know you cannot get Bank financing or been rejected


For Your Hard to get Loans & Mortgage Needs


our in-house mortgage brokerage and private lenders (FSCO Licence # 12368 & 12369) can help you with all your financing needs. Don’t take NO for an answer. When the banks say no – Let us look into your Financial needs. We have OUR OWN PERSONAL FUNDS and can give you an approval up to 2.5 Million dollars within 24 Hrs!

We do all type of Mortgages and Loans, but non-bank private only and most important from our very own PRIVATE FUNDING.


or call us and we will refer you to fully qualified experienced mortgage professional in your area.

Types of Loans

  • Home Purchase (1st. & 2nd. Mortgages)
  • Home Refinance Loan /Bad Credit Mortgage Refinance
  • Home Equity Loan / Line of Credit /Bad Credit Home Equity Loan
  • Bad Credit / Past Bankruptcy / New Immigrant – no problem!
  • Power of Sale and Pre-Foreclosure Loan
  • Construction Loan / Bad Credit Construction Loan
  • Short Term Bridge Financing /Interest only Loans  and more….

For Your -Real Estate & Development – Needs


FREE consultation, will help you & guide you through the whole process from finding the right home, to mortgage approvals, home inspection, lawyers etc

Visit our main web, you will not be disappointed!

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When The Bank Says “NO” Consider Bank Alternative Funding


For Home Equity 1st /2nd. Mortgage,

Construction Loan, Line of Credits, Debit Consolidation

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Commercial Finance Loan


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