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About Rosmount Capital Funding

About Rosmount Capital Funding

Equity /Asset Based Private Lender

Rosmount Capital Funding Inc. (FSCO #12397) & Lenders For Growth Ltd. (FSCO #12368) — are into privately funded hard money (private money) commercial & residential lending.  With over 44 years of combined experience in the finance industry specializing in non-conventional commercial and residential loans, the staff of Lenders For Growth can look into any finance related problem you may face.  You have tried the rest…..time to Join the Best!

Residential & Commercial Loans options, when you need it most

Fee Consultation

If you’re looking for a better deal for your investment property or business loan or a home loan consider talking to Lenders for Growth. We’ll take the time to understand your financial needs and take you through your options. Whether you require a simple home loan or a more complex investment /business loan that lets you take advantage of additional investment opportunities, we can help.


LENDERS FOR GROWTH LTD  [LFG]:   (FSCO#12368) a Toronto based mortgage brokerage company doing conventional bank approved mortgages & bank alternative financing aka. private lenders.

ROSMOUNT CAPITAL FUNDING INC  [RCF]:   (FSCO#12397) a private lender. Specializing in commercial financing loan, construction loans, 1st /2nd home equity bad credit financing, short term bridge loans.


This depth of knowledge and experience allows us flexibility to fund loans quickly that many others would never consider. With our depth of lending experience, LFG has more than likely encountered a scenario similar to yours. LFG’s goal is to make “common sense” loans to borrowers/ businesses that don’t fit the traditional lending mold for whatever reason.

As banks and other institutional lenders continue the strict underwriting guidelines put in place during the recession, many loans are unable to be funded through traditional avenues. If a borrower has a non-bankable loan for whatever reason there are options available. LFG specializes in helping clients with unique situations that require creative funding solutions.   Since LFG is privately funded, they have flexibility to think outside the box in order to make loans that fit the borrower’s requirements.


What causes a borrower to need a Hard Money Loan?


Property/borrower not plain vanilla: Conventional lenders BANKS / CREDIT UNIONS  are still funding loans. There focus is primarily on A paper transactions that are extremely clean. If a transaction is not a plain vanilla transaction either due to the property or borrower, many banks are unwilling to provide financing
SOLUTION:  Turn to Lenders For Growth – We can help -  We specializes in helping clients with unique situations that require creative funding solutions.


Credit issues:  As a result of the downturn, many borrowers have minor credit issues. For example they might have lost a tenant resulting in reduced cash flow which ultimately led to a late payment on or they have late payments on credit cards, house loans, or other items
SOLUTION:  Turn to Lenders For Growth – We can help – Our loans are not based on your beacon


Timing:  The conventional loan process is very lengthy. Borrowers are required to produce considerable backup information on tax returns, appraisals, etc… This process can easily take 60 days+ (> 90 on many commercial transactions) and many times considerably more time
SOLUTION:  Turn to Lenders For Growth – We can help – Approvals within 24 hrs. Funding as soon as your lawyer can close the deal!


No to renewals: We have recently financed a number of borrowers that had current loans with a bank. These borrowers no longer fit the banks guidelines and as such had no alternative then to go for private funding.
SOLUTION:  Turn to Lenders For Growth – We can help – We will not only get you out of your immediate dilemma but will also advice and guide you -such that you are again able to deal with conventional bank mortgage


Hard Money is cheaper  than borrowing money other ways: Many times bridge lending is a cheaper alternative for a small business or individual than other financing methods. As a result of the economy, many individuals have turned to credit cards, business inventory/receivables factoring, and other methods in order to finance their needs. These are expensive financing tools when borrowers fall out of traditional bank lending criteria
SOLUTION:  Turn to Lenders For Growth – We can help – Check our rates compared to other other private lenders!

Need Help? with Bad Credit Loan

Lenders for Growth; Mortgage Broker & Private Lender

We’re here to HELP!

Have late payments/dishonors/arrears on your current home loan?

 Personal loans or credit cards in arrears?

Have numerous credit inquiries and defaults on your credit report (no limit to these)?

Need a loan to pay out tax debt?

We specialize in organizing funds for borrowers with less than perfect credit history. So if your worried about your credit record and looking for financial help.

.. ……Or need a bad no credit mortgage?

Our professional bad credit mortgage consultants at Lenders for Growth will help organize and work towards efficiently administering the finance of your current home loan or a completely new poor credit mortgage loan. Click Here: Bad Credit Loans

Above are just a few of the many reasons a loan may not fit traditional lending guidelines. Fortunately LFG is here to help. With our depth of lending experience, LFG has more than likely encountered a scenario similar to yours. LFG specializes in helping borrowers with their unique scenarios in order to fund their transaction.


If you’ve read the above and
feel a loan from Lenders for Growth could help then:

Loan Assessment - Apply Now

Complete a simple, secure online request and we will contact you.


Lenders for Growth (Private Lender) - genieSHANTI

Please go to YOUR Mortgage Broker if you qualify for Bank Loans!
Come to us ONLY if you know you cannot get Bank financing or been rejected


For Your Hard to get Loans & Mortgage Needs


our in-house mortgage brokerage and private lenders (FSCO Licence # 12368 & 12369) can help you with all your financing needs. Don’t take NO for an answer. When the banks say no – Let us look into your Financial needs. We have OUR OWN PERSONAL FUNDS and can give you an approval up to 2.5 Million dollars within 24 Hrs!

We do all type of Mortgages and Loans, but non-bank private only and most important from our very own PRIVATE FUNDING.


or call us and we will refer you to fully qualified experienced mortgage professional in your area.

Types of Loans

  • Home Purchase (1st. & 2nd. Mortgages)
  • Home Refinance Loan /Bad Credit Mortgage Refinance
  • Home Equity Loan / Line of Credit /Bad Credit Home Equity Loan
  • Bad Credit / Past Bankruptcy / New Immigrant – no problem!
  • Power of Sale and Pre-Foreclosure Loan
  • Construction Loan / Bad Credit Construction Loan
  • Short Term Bridge Financing /Interest only Loans  and more….

Call: Hannif Highclass @ 416.444.4252

When The Bank Says “NO” Consider Bank Alternative Funding


For Home Equity 1st /2nd. Mortgage,

Construction Loan, Line of Credits, Debit Consolidation

Lenders for Growth (Private Lender) - genieSHANTI

What are you waiting for!

Call: Hannif Highclass @ 416-444-4252



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When the bank says "NO"Consider bank alternative funding


Get LENDERS FOR GROWTH --In-house Funding

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